To the people that said WoW was a waste of my time...

They were wrong.


I started playing WoW back in 2006 and was addicted immediately. I loved doing quests, pvp, met nice people while playing, and the occasional weirdos :P. WoW was really fun. As you can imagine, I played for hours on end, but still balanced it by making time to see friends in-person, going to the gym, and eating good foods too. Just with many things in general, it is about balance.

Then one day, I met my now fiancé while playing WoW. We met by chance in 2006, and ended up being arena partners (warlock and druid lol). After chatting for hours on end (while playing too). After some time, romantic feelings grew and we decided to meet in person. And what do you know, he wasn't a serial killer (like my friends warned) and he was surprised I wasn't an old obese man (like his friends warned). 6 years later... We are still best friends :D Maybe we should use our WoW characters as our cake topper? Lolol..

So, you never know what's gonna happen during your WoW journey. But WoW was definitely not a waste of my time :p

Anyway, what's your happy/fun/adventurous/funny stories with WoW?

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To the people that said WoW was a waste of my time...Inspired by this post, i tried to consider, which place in the whole Warcraft- Universe would be best to live in for an average human being. Apparently, if you are not an immortal Adventurer, ANYWHERE is a pretty shitty place to live at, so let's look at the pros and cons of most areas: Quel'thalas: Pros: Walled- off city of Silvermoon Cons: Everything outside wants to kill you, also: Undeads. Plaguelands: Pros: Chill Paladins cons: Not so chill Crusaders, also: Undeads, a shitload of them. Tirisfal: Pros: Cool spot for undeads to chill, experiment and drink batblood or something Cons: We are alive, also: Spi...