Today, I put on my big boy pants.


I'm a fairly new player started back in October and I absolutely loved the game, I'm generally a really shy person and try to avoid conversation or angering / disappointing people.

However, today I put on my trousers and took a huge leap out of my comfort zone trying mythic +10, Nighthold and Emerald Nightmare heroic. Did any of it go well? Not even remotely. As well as applying to my first few progression guilds.

But today was the most fun I had playing WOW in a good few weeks.

Did I learn how to do Mythic+10? Yes.

Do I know the mechanics for the new and old raids? Yes.

Am I more comfortable jumping into a higher skill rated dungeon/raid? Defiantly!

Most of you reading this probably don't care but I did something today that I'm proud of and want to share.

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[SPOILER] Khadgar's new voice line

Today, I put on my big boy pants."This mere drop of Argus blood surges with incredible power, the might of a titan." "if the blood of Azeroth also proves to be a source of such strength, those who seek to rule this world would stop at nothing to possess it." We can establish from the spoilers about Argus is that this titan is responsible for the demons to be reborn and coming back in the Twisting Nether. Lets recall that the Night Elf immortality came from the Well which is Azeroth wound. Lets compare it to Argus where Argus is re-birthing the burning legion using his power. If we put those 2 together then Rebirthing & Immortality is a huge key in the Warcraft universe. now, What does Khadgar mean wi...

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