Updated Info on Enhance Hidden Support Ticket

Just had a gm respond to my second ticket regarding missing out on the guaranteed drop from Flotsam last week. I killed him Tuesday and the first ticket I sent in was denied. So I sent a second. Ticket #57750127

The GM's response:

I have read over your ticket here and I understand that you had contacted us last week about the hidden artifact and we were not able to grant it but found out others did get it via ticket submission.

I am sorry to hear about your experience with this. =/ When you had contacted us then, this wasn't something we were able to provide until it was fully investigated by our QA teams and was labeled an official bug. This was being investigated but we now are able to help as long as all requirements are met! With that said, I did check over your character and since you met all requirements, I have provided this over to you.

So send those tickets in. :)

Edit: Ticket number.

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