Way too many toys are zone specific, and have ridiculously long cooldowns.

For example, the Blazing Diamond Pendant. All it does is set your feet on fire, similar to Deceptia's Smoldering Boots. However it can only be used in Draenor, outside of your Garrison. There are also these consumable type toys that act as food or a really weak healing potion, one such item can only be used in Talador. Seems like the only thing it is good for is for achievements. I feel like they should take a look at the zone requirements and cooldown times for many toys.

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Rank the Legion 5-Mans from worst to first!

Way too many toys are zone specific, and have ridiculously long cooldowns.Random thought I had with the relevance of 5-man content again(thank you blizz!!!). We've all probably been to a lot of these places 100's of times so I'm sort of wondering what the general favorite/least favorite ones are. No specific criteria, wether your pounding out M+ or just doing heroics, however you choose to rank em is up to you. From mechanics to visuals it doesn't really matter. Shall I get us started? 13-HALLS OF VALOR(What was once one of the coolest dungeons quickly became my least favorite. Too long and WAY too much trash/RP.) 12-COURT OF STARS(The gimmick at the end was neat at first but the whole dungeon just feels like grinding Suramur stuff with four other ...