What class will you play with Allied races?

So, I know that we probably won't get allied races any time soon, but I am already planning what classes will I take with my new toons. I am thinking: Lightforged - priest (paladin is also thematically appropriate, but I have higher level paladin and no priest)

Void elves - rogue (seems fitting, hiding in shadows)

Highmountain - warrior (to honor poor Warebrave Oro, he died so we could save azeroth)

Nightborne - most likely arcane mage (cause they are into illusions... lmao)

What about you?

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Is it time to leave my guild?

What class will you play with Allied races?For context, im a tank in a guild that is beginning mythic progression (7/7 heroic EN) but can't get the numbers for mythic. The raid leader pisses me off to no end. As some examples, a few weeks ago on Heroic Ursoc I missed a taunt on one pull but not only did I not die, our raid didn't either. Things were corrected, and we moved on. However, right after the attempt, they pulled me into officer chat and said if I can't get my stuff together they'd get a tank to replace me... But the DPS pulling 150k doesn't get anything said to him, nor do I say anything either. Tonight, we wiped on Heroic Odin about 20 times before they finally decided heh maybe we should try normal. We...

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