What's an embarrassing moment or thing you did that no one else knows about?

Had a pretty bad moment today...came back to WoW after a long hiatus on my Death Knight. Leveled him to 110 without doing any of the class quests, then got to 110 and did some. Got some order hall progression, assigned a combat ally, went out to get geared.

I'm out in Argus, pretty undergeared, trying to kill mobs and I notice this guy following me. I was pretty pleased at first, thinking "thank goodness this guy's here to help me out."

More questing on Argus, I start to get weirded out. "Why the hell is he following me everywhere?" I don't know if he thought we were kindred spirits because he was a Death Knight too, and even though he was helping, I was getting a bit annoyed that he was just following me without saying anything.

I have my UI set up so names don't appear over player models, meaning I have to click on the player to see his name. After some 30 minutes of doing stuff on Argus, I'm ready to tell this guy to buzz off, click on his model and see that his name is Koltira Deathweaver.

I had completely forgotten I had taken a combat ally, and had spent 30 minutes being spooked by my own bodyguard.

This was me today.

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