What's your class not commonly known pro-life tips?

As a DH havoc main, I noticed that the best way to get back from a knockback effect (like Vari's) is not to use fel rush mid air, but instead a simple glide then cancel will immediately stop the momentum and brings you back up where you were from cleanly where fel rush is not as precise which can launch you a little bit further than intended.

Another tip for old raid farming, since everything dies quickly anyways, equip every piece of gear on you that have mastery on it. With that and sephuz, I get a neat 50% always on movement speed boost which makes clearing old content more faster and convenient.

So what's your class/spec pro life tips and other niche tricks that not everybody knows about?

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There is quite some things off with the Underlight Angler.

What's your class not commonly known pro-life tips?So I'm not sure how many of these are intended and how many of these deserve a fix but here are some inconsistencies I've found working on my 24/24 Underlight Angler (this got a lot longer than I thought so TL;DR at the end; please feel free to correct any factual, grammatical or spelling mistakes and especially leave comments if you have experienced different things than I have). Although artifact knowledge is shown where it is shown for all other weapons the fish you catch don't actually get multiplied by it which makes the roughly 350k artifact power you need for 24/24 quite a hard grind. If you fish up rare fish (or collect them from murlocs, or I suppose sharks too) without...