What was your first character, and do you still play them - If not why?

I've been enjoying reading the wow memories post, and It really brought back a lot of good memories for me. So I was thinking about my first ever charcter.

I started playing during Vanilla, early Vanilla. I've never played any games other than Sports games, Championship Manager, FIFA, Cricket games - As a keen sportsman, it was a taboo playing such a 'Geeky' game. Anyway, I watched my mate on his 60 warrior called Woozy. He was awesome, looked cool - had a few other pals with him, tanking stuff. I was like, I'm going to get this damn game and enjoy it secretly (As I still Do) - Anyway, in light of seeing his warrior, I also made one. Dying over and over again, his name was Rugbyhero (I KNOW RIGHT) - made a lot of life time friends though on it, ended up clearing upto Naxx before the inevitable break down. Didn't PVP as I thought it was boring (Boy was I wrong, I only really do PVP now). I dont play that warrior, due to the account being perma banned when I was at College. I asked a Female Gnome to show me her chest. And BAM, perma ban. (I had a lot of warnings for lude/offensive behaviour prior mind)

I mained a Druid from TBC until Cata, where I picked up the Paladin, still main it to this day.

What's your guys stories?

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I am tracking the "Love is in the Air" drops of 50 characters per day. Here is the spreadsheet, updated live.

What was your first character, and do you still play them - If not why?I've been after the Big Love Rocket since it was introduced (minus one year of hiatus). Typically, I have around 3-6 characters at max level for the event. This year the level requirement was dropped to 16, so I decided to go all out. I wanted to keep track of the drops, so I made a thing. Click here for the spreadsheet! Tabs at the bottom separate gold/love tokens/other drops. Green cells indicate kills that granted a level. Totals and averages are only available for gold and token drops at the moment. Note: The only gold I have been counting comes from the heart-shaped box; i.e. I am not counting gold rewarded from the kill itself or from queue completion. This is mostly because I didn...
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