Where exactly is Blizzard going with the Horde?

After Garrosh it is really disappointing to see another warchief being thrown into the plain evil drawer and potential raidboss. Sylvanas has always been a fan favorite, for good reason. An interesting character and one of the last main characters of Warcraft 3 who finally rose to power within the horde. But the recent datamining video shows her throwing around the plague like candy (again), which kinda strays further and further away from a morally grey / redemption story development for her.

The horde always stood for a coalition of misfits and savages, which valued honor above everything else, but with every action of the current warchief the horde just drifts more and more into the comically evil archetype. I don't mind playing an evil character (in fact, I think it's more interesting) but just throwing around mustard gas at everyone who looks at you weird gets a little boring after a while.

This is not about "we're not evil! You guys are evil too!", but more about experiencing an interesting story, with moral grey zones and intruiging story development.

Personally I think at this point they should kill her off as quickly as possible, which is a darn shame because she was always one of my favorites. #VarokforWarchief


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Tevster the Orc Shaman from Azjol-Nerub in Vanilla WoW. Sorry for the sob story, just really no where else to share this.

Where exactly is Blizzard going with the Horde?We spent countless nights hanging out in Ventrilo back in the mid 2000's with dozens of other characters from Alliance and Horde...even as we fought each other tooth and nail in Warsong Gulch, Alterac Valley and all over the world. Like many of those people, he became an actual friend of mine and we'd keep in touch somewhat regularly, share stories about life and still chat long after the years of WoW were behind us. I saw on Skype yesterday that it was his birthday, and it had been a long while since we talked so I figured it was long overdue. "Hey dude, I know it's been a million years but happy bday, hope life's good!" Still not sure why, but I got an uneasy feel...