Which Mage Towers did you enjoy/not enjoy most?

I think the mage towers have been one of the most rewarding experiences in Legion personally. They're a really good test of your skill with a spec's toolkit and most of the appearances are great too.

Some were definitely better than others though. Like I never particularly struggled with the Felburst worm one (can't remember the exact name but it's the one BM does). I've only ever done Sigryn on my main (a Ret Paladin) so my experience with her might not be the best indicator of difficulty since I was able to stomp that one pretty easily too. I'm levelling Enhancement and Assasination characters who might find it tougher. Phase one of Xylem is honestly pretty tough just because of the amount of sustainability you need. I struggled with him a lot for a while. Once I got the healing bracers for Arms though it became almost completely trivial after getting the hang of the mirror image transition. Phase two only took 2 or 3 tries to get down once I actually got to that point. Havoc has a lot more ways of healing anyway but I also had the legendary chest to make it easier. I haven't bothered doing him on my DK since I just honestly don't think the swords are cool enough to merit fighting him again haha.

Agatha was probably the second hardest dps one for me. Playing as Fury I just kept dumping the plague zone right in front of the boss because I'd still be tunnelling Agatha after my opener and not noticing the imp (despite it's completely predictable spawn). It took an embarrassing amount of tries to knock myself out of that habit. I also fidget and strafe a lot in melee and a lot of times I would get smacked with a boulder because of it. It wasn't as bad on Fire mage but by that point the lightblood elixir shenanigans had been found out and I had the command centre up.

The twins was the one I struggled with the most for sure though. I feel like kiting is sort of an "old school" skill in WoW and as a new player it really took a while to adjust to being constantly on the move and having to use snares on cooldown. I still haven't beaten them on a couple of characters.

The tank one is insanely tough. Haven't downed him on any character yet. That's pretty much all I can say haha. Would be happy to hear your guys' experiences, particularly if you're a healer since I don't play any.

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