Will the mouse bug ever get fixed?

For those fortunate enough not to suffer from this ancient bug, here's a short description:

Whenever you click your mouse (left or right button) in WoW, there's a small chance that your mouse cursor will jump to the center of your screen. When that happens while you're trying to turn your character or pan your camera, it will cause you to move into a random direction or look up into the sky.

Here's a video showcasing the problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIaSqrWIoJs

This bug happens exclusively in World of Warcraft (for me anyway). I've never had my mouse cursor jump in any other game or application except for a short period during Windows 8.1 when there was a similar bug effecting every application, which was fixed by a Microsoft patch.

What I've tried so far without success:

  • entirely different computer (both Intel and AMD CPUs as well as Nvidia and AMD graphics cards)
  • different mice (including different USB ports and even a PS/2 mouse)
  • clean reinstall of the WoW client, no addons
  • running WoW in windowed, fullscreen, and windowed fullscreen mode
  • reduced input lag on/off
  • hardware cursor on/off
  • starting WoW as admin
  • starting WoW in various compatibility modes
  • starting WoW with different DPI scaling settings
  • different Windows versions (7, 8.1, 10)

Some of those settings seem to cause the bug to happen more often, but I have found no way to make it go away entirely and it's been annoying me to no end. Just the other day I almost caused a wipe by blinking in the wrong direction when I had Soulbomb on Argus because the mouse bug messed up my camera positioning.

So I wonder:

  • I can't imagine Blizzard isn't aware of this bug. Have they announced anything about it? I'm not sure I even want to play BfA it this isn't fixed given how annoying this has been.
  • Does everyone have that bug? Do most players just not notice it somehow? Some people I've talked to about this have responded with something along the lines of "Oh, that's a bug? I always thought my mouse had dirt on the sensor or something!"
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[Blizz Support] - Authenticator reminder :D

Will the mouse bug ever get fixed?Hi all, Your friendly, neighborhood Support Rep here just sending out another reminder that our digital Authenticators are free and easy to use (Our EU article is available here)! In addition to offering an extra layer of security for your account, they also deliver you a feisty lil' Core Hound Pup who helps guard for as long as the Authenticator remains. Additionally, having the SMS Protect option set up allows you a quick way to remove the Auth through text verification. Beyond that, if there's ever any need for us to assist with the removal of your Authenticator, we can be reached via the contact options which are listed on this page. Happy adventuring! :) Araxom Blizz Support Te...

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