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so we are (soon) at the end legion and suprisingly monk turned out to be the best melee DPS by far right now, who thought.

I was enjoying my DH the whole expansion but sadly they made their signature class for the expansion kinda mediocre overall. The only thing that made us look op is bursting down low M+ and normal/heroic raid bosses. Blizzard was afraid to make us really strong, there were always melee classes that were borderline op in legion (hello arms/sub), but DH was always mid tier. After killing KJ mythic I lost my interest completely to push any further on my DH and t21 turned out to be just mediocre as the class is.

Now to the monk situation: insane numbers right now due to t21 (correct me if I'm wrong). I am happy for monks, because they had to endure being trash every tier in legion. For the rest of legion I am just chilling, testing some other classes and considering playing new melee for BfA. I have a fresh monk (ilvl ~900) and leveling a rogue right now for fun.

What are your thoughts about how things will go on with melees? Will monks be bad again after t21 madness ends? Rogues tend to be always a good choice for melee. What do high geared monks think about the future of monks/melees in general?

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[link] [comments] launcher getting stuck on 'starting'

windwalker hype trainSo I haven't been able to open battlenet via launcher for about a week now. When I try to open it, it doesn't go past 'starting'. (the .exe will work but wont load my account and claims something, most likely agent, has crashed.) I've tried a plethora of various solutions - Deleting battlenet from programx86, %appdata% %programdata% %localappdata% - Deleting any/all blizzard games(the .exes worked) - Replacing my battlenet files with a friends whose battlenet works properly - Reinstalling (doesn't work since it wont go past starting to launch) - DNS flush From what I've looked up, my best guess as to the issue is that ag...