WoW has helped me so much.

I’ve been playing WoW for close to 10 years.

I still remember my first time booting up WoW at around the age of 10, starting a Dwarf Warrior in the midst of Wrath of the Lich King. Running around Dun Morogh with my stubby little dwarf legs, wide eyed in awe, dying every 10 minutes and enjoying every second of it. I remember getting trolled by people in general chat, taking advantage of the obvious noob but I also remember the strangers I met along the journey willing to help a lowly warrior. I was probably up till 5 am that night.

That summer warcraft consumed my life. I fell in love with the lore, the gameplay, the world, the culture.

It was an escape to the hell I was living in everyday.

In Azeroth I wasn’t Matt the loser basket case, I was Korhaan the loser basket case, who happens to be a bad ass warrior.

I suddenly wasn’t alone anymore. I suddenly had a place ware I was comfortable. Another world of character and imagination and adventure full of like minded individuals. I wish I could state how powerful that is for someone like me. The difference it has made in my life. But I simply can’t.

10 years later and I still find solace in WoW. I suffer from a plethora of mental health issues. The most prevalent is PTSD and Borderline Personality distorted due to incest sexual abuse which causes extreme anxiety, anger and depression. It is hard for me to get along with other people and it is easy and comfortable for me to isolate.

I am admittedly pretty miserable but not when I’m in Azeroth.

I am just so grateful for this game and the community of awesome people that keep it going strong and make it an amazing experience.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

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What if every class had a tank spec?

WoW has helped me so much.Shaman - Earthcaller Earthcaller shamans use the power of the earth to shield themselves from harm and make their bodies solid as rock. In a time of need, they can transform into the Earth Ascendant, greatly empowering all of their abilities. Weapon: One hander and shield. Active mitigation: Earth Shield. Stomp the ground to raise a sturdy rock wall that grants you a large absorb shield. The next source of damage you take will always destroy the entire shield, even if it hits for less than the full absorb you gained. (DoT doesn't count.) Active mitigation: Toss Rock. Raise a large rock from the ground and send it flying to disrupt a spellcaster, decreasing all magic damage you take from...

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