WoW pretty much saved my life.

When I was in my teens I got diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) during school. It was a late diagnosis and I was really struggling with my work. I had been displaced from my house because of a fire, and the stress definitely triggered a lot of the symptoms of ASD that had been fairly subtle up until that point.

I had to do loads of guidance counselling and therapy, as well as in school credit recovery, and almost everyday was a nightmare for my head. Luckily I’ve learned how to be slightly more contained with age, but at the time I was uncontrollable.

When I finished 11 grade, my mother gave me a joint debit account with 120 bucks on the card. I was ecstatic, because I’d never been given so much money. I didn’t really know what to do with it, so I just kinda saved it and took pride in the responsibility I was given.

Sometimes I would listen to other peoples conversations in my classrooms, just because I didn’t talk to that many people. This was the first time I ever heard about the mystical Word of Warcraft, when vanilla just released. I rushed home that day and payed for my own subscription.

Immediately as the purchase went through, I downloaded the game onto my crappy laptop I had been given through the school. Even though it could barely run, I still remember being mesmerized at the title screen, making my own account.

Naturally, as a vanilla noob, I picked human. From then on, my journey as Golg the Great was wonderful, and I remember almost everything about vanilla. Immersing myself in that world let me forget about all of the horrible stuff that was pushed on me. About my life, and about the people that I hated being around in real life.

To this day I still think about what might have happened if I never came across wow. I was spiralling into a deep and confusing depression that I didn’t realize was there, and it really helped pull me out of that slump.

I have a different account now that my son plays on. Even though it’s only a starter account, he loves playing it and already has a Worgen Druid at level 20. I can’t thank blizzard enough for the gift of happiness that I was given, and how happy it’s made my son. And thank you guys, because the community has been just as great!

Peace and love, my friends.

TLDR; I was a depressed teen and playing wow brought me great joy that potentially prevented me from ending my life. Blizzard is awesome.

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I can't be the only filthy casual who does this - where my fellow altaholics at?

WoW pretty much saved my life.Hi All, I've played wow since vanilla and can't seem to ever fully quit the game. I have not been serious about the game since Cataclysm due to adulting but continue to play casually -> semi casually (I will pug the occasional raid and rated pvp). BUT since end of Cata/MOP I have developed some insane WOW-ADD aka altaholism. I CONSTANTLY level up one of my alts, play it for a week or two, check warcfratlogs and other sites for how the class is performing in mythic content (which I will NEVER end up doing) and then re-roll to one of the top performing classes. The main issue with this is that since I'm playing so casually I never get to achieve any sort of success in the game ...