Yesterday, I Started The Longest Grind Of My Life.

So, yesterday I was incredibly bored, and decided to grind out some Sky shards from veil of eternal blossoms to get the mount drop from Alani. While perusing through the mount collections, I stumbled on the heavenly azure cloud serpent, and fell in love. I looked up the requirement, and it's going to take about 250 mounts. Wow. Starting off, I had about 37, so this would be a long one. But it's something for me to do before BFA. Normally, with how I usually play WoW I would only be concerned with gearing up my character and raiding, but I took a break during WoD, came back for the beginning of Legion, and then took another break and came back like 2 months ago, and raiding doesn't quite interest me for the rest of Legion, so I found this to chase.

I found "The Littlest Mountain" guide on wowhead and started to use it for info, mostly a list of all things that had to drop and the rough level ranges for each one. My grind started off by using a BC dungeon and faction Tabards to gain rep with the alliance pandaren, and guilneas worgen to get exalted and buy their mounts, from there I went around to each faction I had the appropriate rep with and bought all of their mounts that I could. I then proceeded to run through the temple of Ahn' Qiraj for the 4 mounts there, and got 3/4 of them on the first pull, but couldn't get the red one to drop for the rest of the raid. Oh well. At the end of the day, I ended with 87 mounts in my collection. I definitely don't expect the pace to be this quick throughout, but it's a good start, I believe.

So my question is this, those that have completed this journey, any tips that helped you get through it?

Edit: botched the numbers a bit, and it is 300 not 250.

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PSA: If a rare fails to drop a recipe for which they're the only source, submit a ticket

Yesterday, I Started The Longest Grind Of My Life.I needed the Leybque Ribs recipe from Myonix in Suramar. Like any other rare, I get one shot at its "special loot", and after that, it's essentially treated like a normal mob with some extra health. Was I screwed? After killing Myonix 50+ times, I was sure convinced of that. So I opened a ticket for "loot drop problems" with a GM, explained the issue, and they mailed me the recipe. There was only one way of obtaining this particular recipe, as Nomi only gives the 2* and 3* versions of it, so it not dropping was almost certainly a bug. TLDR: if a rare is the only source of a recipe, and doesn't drop it, submit a ticket to get the recipe. submitted by ...

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