You can currently get a lvl100 Character Boost for £25/$40

If you start a new WoW starter edition, on the SAME ACCOUNT as you want the boost on, buy the base game (currently only £5 ($10) right now) and then upgrade it to Legion (£20/$30).

This gives you the Legion lvl100 Character Boost to use on any character on the account. So you can simply go to your "Main" WoW account, and use the boost on a character of your choice on there.

Just used this method myself on a Shaman... Wish me luck.

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If you're a dps having a hard time getting in to a mythic dungeon group...

You can currently get a lvl100 Character Boost for £25/$40EDIT: So, grabbed some folks from here that wanted to go, ran Darkheart Thicket on M, then Halls of Valor on Mythic+2. None of us had even done MHoV, so that was fun. Completed it and just missed the blasted timer. Running again tomorrow and the day after...and all the other days after that :) Great groups, we had a wonderful time! Look no further! If you're NA, Horde and can play evenings EST, then I have a deal for you. 840+ prot warrior and resto druid pair running mythics weekly. If you haven't run any on mythic yet, that's fine. If you're a warlock, that's also fine. I even like melee heavy groups...and hunters. Holler at me if this sounds like it would work for you...