Zandalari should be able to be Death Knights, and here is why.

In Northrend we are tasked with the dispatching of the Ice Trolls found in Zul'drak, the trolls of the Drakkari Empire. These trolls, in a last ditch effort to fight off the Scourge, began to turn on the very gods that they worshiped. It would not be enough, however, as we all know Drakuru submits to the Lich King in exchange for power. This brings me to the main evidence detailing why Zandalari should be able to be Death Knights.

Zim'torga is a Zandalari town / encampment located at just about the middle of Zul'drak. These Zandalari came to Zul'drak to acquire any history that may be lost with the inevitable fall of the Drakkari, as outlined in the below dialogue at Zim'torga:

To further support this claim, here is another dialogue between a Zandalari troll at Zim'torga, explaining why they are there in Zul'drak:

We are even sent from this camp to aid the Argent Dawn with the repelling of the Scourge as detailed in the following quest (Smoke on the horizon), further expanding on the imminent threat of the Scourge that all characters within the zone must face:

To further add to my claim that Zandalari should be able to be Death Knights, there is another Zandalari settlement in Northern Zul'drak, near the Drakkari capital of Gundrak by the name of Dubra'jin. Although in game this encampment is smaller compared to the Zim'Torga counterpart, I feel this is due to the limitations of WoW back in the Wrath days, as we know in game places are not to scale from a lore perspective, such as Dalaran. Dubra'Jin is the main flight path to Gundrak.

There is even a quest there explaining how the Zandalari are fending off the Drakkari Ice Trolls from attacks (Eggs for Dubra'Jin):

It is interesting to note that the Zandalari here have a means to repel the Drakkari trolls, but no means to repel the Scourge, something the Zandalari located at Zim'Torga could desperately need.

With all this said, we are left with not one, but two Zandalari Troll encampments in the heart of a Scourge infested zone, smack dab in the middle of the conflict between the heros alongside the Argent Dawn vs. the Drakkari Trolls alongside the Scourge. The main take away from all this is simple. How did the Zandalari trolls get to Northrend? Obviously, by boat. Zandalari boats have crew members, trolls within the camps mentioned above, these are all viable options as to how a Zandalari could have been risen into undeath. They were there, in Northrend, at the prime of Arthas the Lich King. Zandalari should 100 % be able to be death knights, and this is the proof.

Tl;dr : There are two Zandalari towns / camps located in Zul'drak during the prime of The Scourge War and Arthas the Lich King's rule. They were there to overlook the collapse of the Drakkari Empire and have many viable candidates that could have been killed / risen into undead servitude. It makes sense from a lore perspective.

With BfA still ~8 months away, there is still time for the Warcraft Devs to realize their mistake in overlooking these details, and allow Death Knights a chance to be at least one of the new Allied Races. And in regards to heritage armor, Death Knights can just be excluded from being able to obtain it, because of the level discrepancy between the other classes starting as Allied Races.

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