World of Warcraft: Legion — The Fate of Azeroth

The demons of the Burning Legion have returned. Will you answer the heroes' call? Pre-purchase now!

Legion Launch Guides

World of Warcraft: Legion — The Fate of AzerothLegion Live This Week!Legion is live!Be sure to stop by your Order Hall at Level 101 to start your first missions.Now is a good time to install the Legion plugin for HandyNotes if you haven't already!Regular Mythic dungeons will be open after the weekly dungeon reset time.You can grab the Empowered Ring of the Kirin Tor for use from Level 101, but it will cost you 250,000!Put together the parts for Rocfeather Skyhorn Kite when you are in Highmountain.You do the Artifact intro quests and obtain the other Artifact weapons for your class at Level 102 in your Order Hall.Keep up with Order Hall quests when leveling, as you get a item level 810 helm that is part of your Order Hall set from them.Gr...