FFXIV OST - Knights of the Round's Theme

Heavensward's final boss, tecnically it's King Thordans theme but knights of the round has a better ring to it.

You know what is missing from WoW? Some actual fight music!

FFXIV OST - Knights of the Round's ThemeSomething I just realized earlier today while watching some videos...WoW doesn't actually have real "fight" music. Nothing really plays during combat or boss encounters. Music, which is an integral part of setting the mood and feeling of any scene, is almost completely absent from the biggest part of WoW - the combat. It's not there vs. Illidan. Vs. Lich King. Vs. Deathwing. Vs. Garrosh. Vs. Archimonde. Or in dungeons. Or scenarios. But it's VERY present in other games like TERA, GW2 and a really notable part of FFXIV. Some examples; VS. Shiva https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noJiH8HLZw4 VS. Sophia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knV-5VciTTQ VS. King Thedan https://www....