World of Warcraft: Legion – Shadows of Argus Trailer

Heroes of have fallen and Kingdoms have burned… Now it's time to bring the fight to the Legion. Log in to Patch 7.3 and take your place in the battle for Argus.

[Community Raid] EuroGroup - A new player friendly raid environment!

World of Warcraft: Legion – Shadows of Argus TrailerWhat is EuroGroup? EuroGroup is a discord server for World of Warcraft. We organize new player friendly raids, with the aim of getting as many players as possible into raiding. We have an active, social environment with an emphasis on self-improvement and competition between the two factions. We have multiple raid leaders for Alliance and for Horde, and we organize and run the following raids each week on the EU (We accept players from all realms, even not English ones): Alliance Day Time Raid Thursday 20:00 Emerald Nightmare Heroic Friday 20:00 Nighthold Heroic Saturday 20:00 Nighthold Normal Monday 21:00 Emerald Nightmare Mythic Horde Day Time Raid Friday 22:00 Nighthol...