LEGION - Ipovedenti nel mondo di Warcraft

In WoW si ricade un mese si e uno no. Uno si, uno no. Uno si, uno no.

Why are there still two factions?

LEGION - Ipovedenti nel mondo di WarcraftI'm asking about lore, not gameplay. Gameplay needs two factions for things like PvP, but for the lore, wouldn't both factions chill a bit by now? Think about it. They've already worked together A LOT. We've had TONS of world-breaking level threats that cause both factions to not only interact, but to work together deeply just to survive and save their world. I'm sorry, but if the real world were to go through the amount of bullshit that Azeroth has been through, I'm pretty sure we'd be under a unified flag and all borders would be dissolved with every human being working together to prepare for the next big bad that thinks he can take humanity. submitted b...