Naomi Plays Live: World of Warcraft

On this week's Naomi Plays Live, Naomi decides to finally take the plunge into the World of Warcraft for the first time, with Mark leading the way.

Frost DK Dps Help

Naomi Plays Live: World of WarcraftHey guys, switched back to frost recently and I am not sure of the talent choices and such after 7.1, I've built my artifact as per icyveins and am at 24 traits total ilvl 869, weapon is 894, I usually top the charts with unholy but with frost I'm always sub 200k and I am no where on the dps meter if its single target, I wanted to know where I'm going wrong , here are my logs for EN- Armory Link - I've been trying different talents and rotations , but have been mainly following Icy vein's talent set, any kinda help would be great thank you! ...