Falcon Punch (Japanese Version)

from the f zero anime series captain falcon destroys black shadow FALCON PUUUUNCH = EPIC!

Brewmaster Guide: With TMW Rotation profile

Falcon Punch (Japanese Version)This guide is targeted at new and intermediate brewmasters, those of you who have been curious to try the spec but don't want to butcher it and get ridiculed by the community. It will cover the following: Benefits & Drawbacks of the Brewmaster Common Misconceptions Beer Management Healing Orb Management Rotation & Cooldowns Blackout Combo mini guide TMW Profile and how to use it Benefits to the Brewmaster Smooth Damage intake Easier to heal due to Celestial Fortune Gimp many mechanics Ad Grouping with Ox Statue Flying the filthiest of kites Strong AoE Damage Drawbacks of the Brewmaster Terrible Magic Damage mitigation Skill cap requires a degree in mathematics you to read y...