World of Warcraft LEGION: Bodyguard = GOLD !!

Did you know that your Bodyguard in Legion can make you a lovely, constant stream of money throughout the expansion? In this video I show you how.

[Alchemy] Infernal Alchemist Stone can finally procc, but also comsumes multiple mats per procc

World of Warcraft LEGION: Bodyguard = GOLD !!Hi Guys, I would like to point on a Bug i recently saw ingame. First off all: the recipe for the Infernal Alchemist Stone finally can procc. You'll get the animation of a procc, and you will receive multiple stones in your inventory at once. However, each so procced Stone consumes the same amount of materials. So if you have a +1 procc, your character consumes the amount of mats for two single crafts. Is there a Bluepost about this situation? submitted by /u/Krushpatsch [link] [comments]...