I'm In love with this song// Me and Patch

Quick vid of me and Patch(: Blah Blah Blah by Ke$ha.

I'm really in love with this patch

I'm In love with this song// Me and PatchTime-gated content aside, the atmosphere of Argus is incredible! It's everything I wanted out of Legion, this overwhelming sense of "okay, these guys mean business and holy crap they've got a LEGION of demons". The Broken Isles were sprinkled with some demon influence here and there, but they always felt like a threat in the background, which felt odd considering the title of the expansion. But now that Argus is here... holy crap. The music, the landscape, the skybox, the horde of bad guys trying to rip off my head at every turn- it sells the threat of the Legion so well. And the map design of Argus... I sincerely love each of the zones- the distant backgrounds with Legion ...