The Story of The Rogue Order Hall Campaign [Lore]

During the assault on the Broken Shores, all hell broke loose and both the Alliance & The Horde got their butts kicked. How could this have gone so very wrong.

I finally got my Werebear! (

The Story of The Rogue Order Hall Campaign [Lore]So ever since they introduced the werebear challenge skin I had wanted it, especially when I learned that they are removing the mage tower. I leveled and geared a Druid and began the process of learning the challenge and grinding out legendaries. Then I was in a horrible car accident that resulted in the amputation of my left arm. I was distraught for numerous reason, but refused to let my new handicap get in my way. Once I recovered and returned to WoW I had to reteach myself the game. I bought a razer naga and set about macroing and modding the game into playability. After many attempts on the most recent Mage Tower, I did it. I almost gave up when Kruul killed me at 1%, but I persevered....