First LEGION World of Warcraft Leveling Time Lapse 1 - 110 | Quest Only | No Dungeon's, PVP, or BOA

Brief Description: I haven't played World of Warcraft truly since WOLTK, and I wanted to level a character and record everymoment of my experience. I started on July 6th 2016, on a brand new server (for me) Wymrest Accord {RP}. My character Valepermort (an Undead Warlock {my first time ever playing the class}) followed a single quest chain starting in Trisifal and leveled to 110 exclusively following one quest to another, with out any dungeons, dungeon finder, PVP, leveling gear (BOA), or increased xp of any kind. I never sent any gold to my character, or had a higher level help complete any quests. The one interaction I had with other players with selling items on the AH. To my knowledge this type of leveling (especially in Legion) has never been done before on a Timelapse. I hit max level on September 7th (8 days after Legions Release). This took 5 Days 14 hours of play time. Overall I had very enjoyable time, I loved the game just as much as my younger self once had. This is NOT a speed run. Basic Details: Server: Wymrest Accord US (RP) Class: Warlock (Affliction) Date Started: July 6th, 2016 Date Ended: September 7th, 2016 Play Time: 5 Days 14 Hours Recording Software: Open Broadcast Software Hard-drive space used: 850 GB :) Lost Footage: 4 Hours 10 Minutes ~ 8.0 GB Editing Software: Sony Vegas 13 Render Time (1st): 44 hours Render Time (2nd/last): 18 hours Final File Size: 22.8 GB FAQ(s): "What is the music?" It's only two tracks. 1. Farewell Life - Wodkah 2. The Last Butterfly - Wodkah "How long did this take?" 5 Days 14 Hours of in-game play time. "When did this start/end?" July 6 2016, - September 7th 2016. "How much hard drive space did this use" Well.. A lot. 850 GB "What software did you use"? Sony Vegas 13 "What server is this?" Wymrest Accord - US - RP. "Why didn't you use Dungeon Finder?" I wanted leveling experience like that of BC. Original Inspiration: Harmonea World of Warcraft: Level 1-85 in one hour (time-lapse) Special Thanks to all the Youtuber's who inspired me to play again: Nobbel87 JonnyBeoulve Kakio Crendor Wyvernn Maldiva Tags: World Of Warcraft, Wow, Patch 6.2, WOD, Warlords of Dranor, WOW WOD, Wow No BOA, questing, wow undead leveling, wow warlock leveling, wow undead, undead quests, tirisfal glades, tirisfal quests, brill quests, undead warlock, warlock leveling, warlock strats, complete undead guide, wow forsaken guide, wow wod questing, wow herbalism,

Just completed my first Legion Leveling Time lapse 1-110 (No dungeons or BOA. Just Quests)

First LEGION World of Warcraft Leveling Time Lapse 1 - 110 | Quest Only | No Dungeon's, PVP, or BOAHello, I recently decided to resubscribe to WoW, and level a fresh character to the max Level 110 (starting just before the launch of the new Legion Expansion). The whole process took 5 days, 14 hours of in-game play time. I recorded every moment, then compiled the footage into a 2 hour time lapse. Here's the VOD: As a player from the Burning Crusade, I wanted a "old school" leveling experience, that of no dungeons (dungeon finder), PvP, Leveling Gear (BOA), assistance from higher levels, bought gold, or anything of the sort. I started with a single quest in Deathknell, and followed that one quest chain all the way to Level 110 (2420 ...