LF Someone to do RaF WoW

I'm looking for someone who plays a lot later in the night time past 12 AM and Before 4 PM PST Because those are the only times i can play at due to work.

LF A friend to play World of Warcraft with.

LF Someone to do RaF WoWI posted on PCMR but they said it'd be better if I posted this here. I made this post recently about why Warcraft has been hard for me to choose to play. It's a bit of a read but basically my sister and I played it for many years. Our mother died and we continued to use it to counter the grief. Two months ago my sister also died to cancer and I decided I'd never play World of Warcraft again because of the pain it would cause. /r/pcmasterrace convinced me that it is okay to continue playing and use it as a way to remember her and our time together than trying to avoid something special. I suffer from some severe dysthymia (persistent depression) and playing World of Warcraft a...