What was “South Shore vs. Tarren mill”?

Loot from 100 RELINQUISHED TRINKETS!Since 7.2 is adding a pvp event named after this, as an old timer that remembers this fondly, let me explain to you guys how I remember it. I might not be 100% accurate in everything I say, but this was how I remembered it. Early WoW during the leveling process for many people on a PvP server the first time they would encounter the other faction was in the Hillsbrad Foothill. Hillsbrad was the home of Tarren mill and South Shore. Tarren mill was a quest hub for the horde (undead), and South Shore was a quest hub for the Alliance. Ashenvale over on Kalimdor was also a hotbed of PvP, but the two quest hubs were further apart and that place is a whole other topic. Anyway, on the push to lev...