FinalBossTV #141 | Legion Arms/Fury Warriors | Naeno & Corejo

Naeno and Corejo guest to discuss Arms and Fury Warriors in Legion. Tier 19, Patch 7.2.5 and how both specs are changing in Tier 20, Tomb of Sargeras. [Subscribe to the Channel:] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Social Media Links: ♥ Twitter: ♥ Twitch: ♥ Facebook: Merch & Patreon BTS Rewards: ♥ Buy My Stuff n'Things: ♥ Keep Me Creating: Channel/Discord Guide: ♥ Schedules n'Stuff: ========================================­======== Episode 141 Guest Boss Info • Naeno | HC Armory: Twitch: Twitter: • Corejo | I Love Lamp Armory: Twitch: Twitter: • Warrior Resources: ========================================­======== -----Bookmarks----- 00:03:34 • Guest introductions 00:08:42 • 7.2 For Arms and Fury 00:12:33 • Arms' Future in 7.2.5 00:27:46 • Fury's Future in 7.2.5 00:34:14 • 7.2 Traits for Arms and Fury 00:39:33 • Should Fury use 1-Handers? 00:44:12 • How is Arms Compared to Fury? 00:49:20 • Bugs/Tomfoolery with Arms/Fury 00:53:32 • Artifact Challenge for Arms 00:56:01 • Artifact Challenge for Fury 00:59:04 • Mid-Show Commercial Break 01:02:40 • Secondary Stats for the DPS Specs 01:13:41 • T19 and T20 for Fury 01:23:44 • T19 and T20 for Arms 01:30:57 • Builds and Talent Breakdown-Fury 01:40:29 • Builds and Talent Breakdown-Arms 01:55:55 • The "Nitty Gritty" of DPS Warriors Intro Music provided by YouTube Royalty Free Tracks. • Jason Farnham - "Microchip" ========================================­======== ► Don't miss the Live Show or Bay's personal streams! You can earn our Loyalty Currency "MoltenCoins" by watching the Live Show & by also hanging out w/ our Host! MoltenCoins are used for Giveaways. If Bay is able to "Open the Molten Store" via our Patreon Campaign, then you'll even be able to turn your MoltenCoins into stuff from our official DesignByHumans Store! For Free! Well, internet points. A Special Thank You to the Asst. Producers of FinalBossTV: ▪ Trofles, Ludovicus, Taezilyn, R4X15, Daltheer, Tachinaori & Quen. Support FinalBossTV ♥ ========================================­========

Interview, Darkmoon Faire, Class Mounts, Power Ascended, Raid Testing, Armory Update

FinalBossTV #141 | Legion Arms/Fury Warriors | Naeno & CorejoSee the Pet, Wings, Portrait Frame, and More Included in the Rise of the Necromancer Pack The Initial Design of the Curse of Naxxramas Adventure RewardsPatch 7.2.5 - Developer InterviewBellular had the chance to talk to Lead Encounter Designer Morgan Day.Nighthold was tuned three times. Tomb was only tuned once because the team waited until towards the end of development.The pacing of Legion raids has worked out well. Legion was supposed to release content at a steady pace and the team has delivered on that.Trial of Valor did a great job of tying up the story.Helya was a good encounter, the team took a dungeon boss and turned it into a raid boss.In a Normal raid if an individual makes a mist...