R2D Roblox Poor Guy Dies When His Rescue Comes

So i decided to kill this guy when the rescue came and make myself i did it by accident you never know.

Poor Guy

R2D Roblox Poor Guy Dies When His Rescue ComesSo I had the displeasure yesterday of having to pug a DPS spot out in a late night HoV run. It was four guildies (myself healing) and this poor 105 BM hunter. As we're running, we realize that this guy is at the very bottom of the meter, and not just by a bit but by a LOT. So we take a look at what he's doing. No pet out, auto attack is his most used ability. Generally doesn't seem to know what he's doing. I decline a vote to kick him and we keep going. Took us way longer than it should have but we got it done. At the end, after Odyn, I send him a /w and ask why he didn't have a pet out. He replied that he always gets yelled at for having his pet out. Having a hunter myse...