WoW Class Mounts | Coming in 7.2

I am baffled by how unique and awesome these are!!! I am so excited, going to go crazy on my priest to rock that owl :D It is aquired by completing the Pathfinder achievement that will be added in 7.2, building on the current achievement - all is to be done in the world, not in raids. (They are all supposed to be flying mounts) It has since been confirmed that they will look different depending on your spec: ? FOLLOW ME ? T W I T C H: T W I T T E R: F A C E B O O K: I N S T A G R A M: ? SUPPORT ME ? P A T R E O N:

7.2 Warlock Class mount

WoW Class Mounts | Coming in 7.2These new class mounts we're getting in 7.2 is really great and all, but whoever came up with the idea for the warlock mount to be yet another horse must not have put in much effort. Especially considering we're one of the few classes whom already have 2 class specific mounts, which is fiery horses (or fel if you've done the green fire questline). Couldn't we ride like a demon or something like that? I can't possibly be the only warlock to be disappointed by this, especially given how awesome some of the other class mounts look, namely the Shaman, Priest and Hunter ones. Thoughts? *Edit link to video from blizzcon where the mounts were revealed: