Shade of Aran Chant

Uploaded with fire stock footage for a forum contest. I will not move when Flame Wreath is cast or the raid blows up Song by Dahr

Karazhan for Dummies: 'Don't Stand In Shit' Edition

Shade of Aran ChantBoss 1 -- Opera House: Wikket: Kill adds Don't stand in purple shit (don't touch it at all) When floor is about to go boom, move to purple shit Purple shit disappears after one person touches it and is launched into the air. Use defensive CDs to survive if you can instead to save as many purple shits for people who can't survive floor going boom. Westfall Story: Don't stand in shit Beautiful Beast: ??? haven't done this, but recommend not standing in shit Boss 2 -- Maiden of Virtue: Stay 6 yards apart Interrupt Don't stand in shit, move it away when you're about to drop it, it gets big, don't fill the room When she casts MASS REPENTANCE, STAND IN SHIT, ...