[Nerf War] Arms Race TDM - FSB Time Crisis Retaliator Gameplay

A demonstration of Murphy's law. I think we could have won if that upspringed Alpha Trooper worked. This footage is also pretty old from this last summer.

Arms nerf and why this is the wrong way to nerf

[Nerf War] Arms Race TDM - FSB Time Crisis Retaliator GameplayNot sure if anyone is actually going to read it but I've been thinking about the announced hotfixes/nerfs to Arms since yesterday night and I thought I'd share some of my thoughts. So, the hotfix for Arms: Exploit the Weakness (Artifact Trait) bonus reduced to 3% per point. Focused Rage (Talent) damage bonus reduced to 30%. Lets be totally honest here. Arms was one of the strongest single target specializations in the game and needed a nerf. There was no question it needed to be brought down. However, I feel that Blizzard did this in the completely wrong way. The Focused Rage nerf is totally fine. I'm good with that. Which brings me to the artifact trait nerf, which in my opinion...