How to Utilize Your Flying Mounts in LEGION!!

Did you know that you can show off your flying mounts in LEGION while being up in the air? This quick little guide shows you how.

Zandalari Flirts and Silly, Battle for Azeroth Build 25976 Broadcast Text

How to Utilize Your Flying Mounts in LEGION!!Zandalari Silly and FlirtsAmongst the data for the Battle for Azeroth Alpha is the text forms of the new /flirt and /silly emotes for the Zandalari Trolls. We previewed the voiceovers for the Dark Iron Dwarves' /flirt and /silly yesterday, but the Zandalari Troll voiceover versions are not in the game files yet.Originally Posted by MMO-ChampionZandalari Troll Male '/Silly'How loa can you go-a?Ha! You call DAT a ship? DIS is a ship!Troll healers have such an easy job. All dey ever say is "Regenerate, den call me in de morning."Psst! Can you keep a secret? I'm not a fan of dark magic. My collection of skulls and fetishes is purely decorative. Hehe!I don't mean to brag, but we have an entire ci...