Legion Alpha - Ursok Raid Test: Elemental Shaman POV

Had about a hour of raid testing on legion alpha. Was doing 150k to 220k dps on attempts.

Elemental Shaman raid boss!

Legion Alpha - Ursok Raid Test: Elemental Shaman POVtl;dr I wish playing ele was as rewarding as it was writing out this massive post. I began writing this post the other day when the "class raid boss" thread came about, but I had to abandon it for reasons. Now that I'm able to sit and focus and write again, here's my rough draft for a 20 man boss with an elemental shaman theme! Also, I'm aware that that thread was mostly satire and humor, but I took it seriously because I thought it would be cool to try my hand at encounter design. Enjoy! :D Elemental Shaman raid boss, henceforth referred to as "boss." Circular platform with boss standing on the edge (think Mythic Archimonde last phase). The boss has two aura...