The Story of Val'sharah, Tears of Elune [Lore]

Within Val'sharah, the tears of Elune are waiting for us. Malfurion Stormrage has gone on ahead and we're told to meet up with him and his mentor Cenarius.

[Legion Legendaries] If you have multiple legendaries on your character and none of them are the best one, you have a better chance of getting the one you want if you simply re-level a new character of the same class.

The Story of Val'sharah, Tears of Elune [Lore]Based on this thread on the mmo-champion forums, it appears that the bad luck protection's effect essentially gets cut in half from how it was previously each time you get an additional legendary. This can be seen in the tables in section 2 of the post. This means that if you play a spec that heavily relies on a specific legendary drop, then at a certain point (3-4 legendaries maybe?) it would be better for your chances to simply re-level another character of the same class in hopes of obtaining that legendary. Now, the point of this post isn't to actually advocate for people to level up another character. What I wanted to do is to highlight the ridiculous nature of this system and h...