What Went Wrong In Patch 7.2? | World of Warcraft

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Is it only me?

What Went Wrong In Patch 7.2? | World of WarcraftThat with patch 7.2 release I see: - 9(up from 8) relevant dungeons instead of 1 - 6(up from 5) relevant zones instead of 1 - breathing space to finish 7.1.5 goals - fresh vibe from already existing dungeons(they changed them, pumped up the difficulty and moved trash around) - content for the upcoming weeks until Tomb of Sargeras, instead of 1 huge overwhelming wave of content which would lead to content draught until next patch - target those paragon reputation rewards - things to look forward towards For those comparing 7.2 with Tanaan: Tanaan Jungle had only 1 zone as opposed to 6 from Legion, no relevant dungeons, 3 dailies and a few repeatable zone quests and NOTHING to look forward to...