Video Games Live Concert at gamescom 2016

Take a trip through the music of Blizzard’s games with the Video Games Live orchestra! The world’s largest interactive entertainment trade fair is coming back to Cologne, Germany from August 17-21, 2016! Don’t miss any of the highlights and news from the Blizzard booth at gamescom. Visit On-demand replays of the live stream will be available after the event on our gamescom playlist: 0:25 Warcraft - Montage 9:27 StarCraft II - Wings of Liberty 12:00 Diablo III - Leah 16:35 Hearthstone - Pull up a Chair 19:14 Heroes of the Storm - The Battle Begins 22:45 Overwatch - The World Could Always Use More Heroes 31:24 World of Warcraft - In-Game Music Suite 38:34 World of Warcraft - Lament of the Highborne 44:08 World of Warcraft: Legion - Azeroth's Last Hope 48:18 StarCraft II - Legacy of the Void 51:45 Overwatch - Overture 54:55 World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor - Magnificent Desolation (set list created by, thanks)

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