Destiny TTK - Nightfall and Malok Farming

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Rep "farming" for Nightfallen?

Destiny TTK - Nightfall and Malok FarmingSoooo... As the filthy solo casual scrub that I am it is only now that I am beginning to get close to unlocking flying in Legion. I have basically everything done except exploting Val'sharah and Highmountain fully, which I will knock off tonight, and the "Good Sumaritan" achievement - for which I am only missing "A change of Seasons". As I understand it this quest is unlocked somewhere around 20k rep into revered....and I am at around 11k into revered. Other than world quests and drip-feeding the little blighters ancient mana (which, quite frankly, just feels like pissing into the wind) are there any ways to farm rep for Nightfallen? Cheers submitted by ...