Gold Making & How to Prepare for Patch 7.2

Stream Link: Website: Twitter: @SheyrahStream Support Xionik & Sheyrah: Music from Xionik: Please ignore the section at 8.55 where I talk about Chaos Crystals. I was thinking the base ilvl bump would affect the Chaos Crystal market but the 815 bump to 835 will not have any effect on Chaos Crystals since those items are not part of the shuffle. Its the 785 gear that produces the Chaos Crystals. So it would be a good idea to stock up on cheap Chaos Crystals for the new raid and pvp season. Apologies for any confusion.

A Last Minute Preparation and Tips Guide to 7.2. and what to do during this patch.

Gold Making & How to Prepare for Patch 7.2There are plenty of resources online that cover what 7.2. will cover, though some are scattered. This post will attempt to consolidate as much of that information and resource, collect tips from the community, and note thoughts not mentioned else where. Disclaimer: Not all information will be fully accurate or up to date as there might be unforeseen changes from PTR to Live. While 90% of the advice should be consistent with what actually happens, be on the lookout for changes. Favour: On 7.2. launch a lot of information will be both overt and hidden. If you find something no one else has, speak up. Post on Reddit, Wowhead, streams, anything. Post videos. Discuss. Share. Don't keep thing...