Odyn - Trials of Valor - 7.1 PTR - FATBOSS

Odyn is the first boss in the Trials of Valor raid (ToV). ToV is scheduled to be released at some point after Emerald Nightmare, before we get to fight Guldan in the Nighthold. If you enjoyed this boss preview give us a like! ✶ Help us grow -- https://www.patreon.com/fatbossTV ✶ Twitch -- http://www.twitch.tv/fatbossTV ✶ Twitter -- http://www.twitter.com/fatbossTV ✶ Facebook -- http://www.facebook.com/fatbossTV ✶ Music - http://bit.ly/1hO33pt

Trial of Valor - Odyn, Battle.net Update, Upcoming Class Tuning, Blue Tweets

Odyn - Trials of Valor - 7.1 PTR - FATBOSSNew Wave of DDoS Attacks, Diablo Rise of the Hunter HearthPwn Card Design Competition Season 4 - Once Upon A Time Alarak Highlights - Rich's Alarak Gameplay, Telekinesis Tips & Build Guide Overwatch PTR Patch Sept 22 - Ana Changes, Widowmaker Buffs, Junkrat Buffs, Bug FixesPatch 7.1 - Trial of Valor: OdynOdyn is the first boss in the Trial of Valor raid coming in Patch 7.1. Originally Posted by MMO-ChampionIn ages past, Odyn led the titan-forged armies against the Black Empire of the Old Gods. But for millennia he has been confined to the Halls of Valor by the curse of his bitter nemesis, Helya. Odyn seeks mortal champions to vanquish the ruler of Helheim and secure his freedom. Overview...