WoW Legion - A New Artifact Power Farming Method!

A recent hotfix has made Order Hall mission a far more rewarding source of Artifact Power. ?Twitter - ?I Stream on!

Let's hold off Nether Disruptor until we can have it up Sunday/Monday, so we have it through the reset.

WoW Legion - A New Artifact Power Farming Method!I think right now we can agree it was great getting two shots at the world boss from the Nether Disruptor, because it went up on Sunday, it was still up for today, Tuesday. I know it's hard to convince everyone to work together like this, I know only a small percentage of the playerbase even gets on here, but if we can do this together, it would be great. Just put war supplies into the Command Center if you're farming them up quickly, or have a lot saved up, and we can finish up Sunday or Monday. This isn't a selfish request, this is the most beneficial thing for EVERYONE, no matter how you look at it. submitted by /u/eden_of_chaos [link] [comments]...