WoW Legion: The Initial Review - "The Best Modern WoW Has Been?"

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DO NOT use Glyph of Wrath Guard is you are a Demonology Warlock

WoW Legion: The Initial Review - Today in NH, I noticed that my damage was, to put it simply, utter horse shit. After a little googling around, I found that not only is wrath guard doing less damage with its attack that felguard, it's also not casting mortal cleave, and in fact if you try to turn it on, or cast it manually, it only sometimes works, if at all. Imagine if you turned off legion strike for your felguard. NO bueno. WORSE IS THAT IS DOES NOT APPEAR TO COUNT TOWARDS YOUR TOTAL DEMON COUNT. This means it does not count for TCK, it does not count for Demon bolt, it does not count for the demo belt, or many other things that specifically rely on your total count of demons. THIS RESULTS IN A VERY, VERY LARGE DAMAG...