WoW Legion Patch 7.1: Full Overview & Preparation Guide

Pretty much all you need to know for Patch 7.1, which releases on the 25th of October. ?Twitter - ?I Stream on!

A GM gave me a nice little story with my ticket response :D

WoW Legion Patch 7.1: Full Overview & Preparation GuideStorytime! Here is a story of a Human, Undead, and a Goblin They had been floating for days in a thick fog, unable to see much past the boat. Each one decides to perk up his senses to see if they can find out where they are. "We are near Stormwind," the human says, "For I can hear the unmistakeable hustle and bustle of the city life!" "No, we are close to the Undercity!" says the undead, "This fog cannot hide the stench of the plague." The goblin stands up and reaches as far out into the fog as he can and then sits down again. "Nope" he grumbles, "We've floated to booty bay. Paddle with me to the docks!" Within moments they make...