LEGION - Ainda vale a pena jogar WoW??

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Broken Shore Ancient Shrine Locations

LEGION - Ainda vale a pena jogar WoW??For those that don't know, there are these small statues placed throughout the Broken Shore that grant a buff when you click on them. They have a 5 minute cooldown before they can be clicked again, so if you come across an inactive one (or want a new buff), check back soon because it wont be long before it's back up. You can receive one of the following buffs (60 min duration, does not persist through death, only one can be active at a time): Buff Name Effect Ancient Fortitude Reduces damage taken by 25% for 1 hour. Ancient Wisdom Increases base stats by 20% for 1 hour. Ancient Power Increases damage dealt by 15% for 1 hour. Ancient Winds Increases critical strike, haste, ...