Death Knight TMW Profile for Patch 7.2 w/Download

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Patch 7.2 TellMeWhen Rotation and Cooldown Profiles for ALL CLASSES w/Download Links

Death Knight TMW Profile for Patch 7.2 w/DownloadHey all! I just finished updating all of my profiles for 7.2! If you aren't aware of it, I have been making class profiles for all specializations that tell you important information in the center of your screen and also show what the ideal rotation for your spec is right in the middle of it all! New to this wave of updates is the inclusion of a new profile toggle that allows you to easily toggle specs and combat on and off, and meta icons to make positioning the rotation simpler. A number of hidden groups and toggles are now present as well as a tier tracker that will allow for better conditions going into ToS for classes that need them. Several tooltips have also been added to better ...