Forging a Hero - Arthas Statue - Heroes of the Storm

Arthas has joined our realm, now standing tall in Taichung City, Taiwan. Take a look at the incredible amount of work and detail that went into forging the Lich King into an immortal 4,000 lb Bronze Statue. For more detail about the creation of this statue, visit the in-depth blog here: For information on Heroes of the Storm, visit the links below: Website - Facebook: Twitter:

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Forging a Hero - Arthas Statue - Heroes of the StormWizard vs Belial Fanart, Wizard Builds Highlight - Tal Rasha & Firebirds Solo / Group Setups 11 New Cards Released with The Menagerie Tomorrow! Samuro Easter Egg, Auriel Price Reduction & Spellbreaker Johanna, SolidJake's Bloodlust Sombra ARG - A Moment In Crime has UpdatedArtifact Knowledge and Artifact Power Reward ScalingOriginally Posted by Blizzard(Blue Tracker / Official Forums)The fact that Artifact Power rewards from quests and treasures now scale with Knowledge is not a bug. We started off the design of the system thinking along the exact same lines as many of the posters in this thread: We figured that we should make sure that one-time AP rewards did not scale, or else the ...