TLDW Boss Guides the Emerald Nightmare: Xavius

This fight is much easier with 3 tanks: 2 on the boss 1 for adds.

A few days ago I posted a couple of TLDW Emerald Nightmare guides to overwhelming positivity and requests for the rest of the raid, so I present to you TLDW Emerald Nightmare. (Link to playlist and individual videos in post)

TLDW Boss Guides the Emerald Nightmare: XaviusPlaylist NYthendra Il'Gynoth Ursoc Elerethe Renferal Nightmare Dragons Cenarius Xavius Thank you guys for your support, the past few nights have been pretty sleepless for me while making these but it was worth it! Edit: Thanks for the gold kind sir! Also if you notice anything wrong please let me know so I can fix it in an annotation. Edit 2: I'll be streaming tonight on if you have questions comments and concerns! (Shameless plug) submitted by /u/FuzyKevin [link] [comments]...