WoW Legion Lore for Noobs with Nobbel and Crendor

Breaking down all the lore of Legion for anyone confused about it! Check out Nobbel's channel:

A Theory on Nostalgia

WoW Legion Lore for Noobs with Nobbel and CrendorIs it really vanilla, TBC or Wrath we miss when we go on nostalgic rants about the game? For some of us, maybe. But I think there is a deeper level. My thinking is that the reason so many people have so strong emotional attachment to Wow and especially the earlier versions of it, is because they were in a happier/more comfortable stage in their real lives at the time. I think a lot of us started playing while we still lived at home, in our childhood home in our childhood city, going to school and not worrying about the future. Now most of us have grown up, we have jobs, responsibilities, some of us might have even started our own families. I think we miss staying up untill 2 AM, whispering...